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Signs for San Diego's One Year Anniversary

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 30, 2014 11:16:39 AM

As you may have heard, Signs for San Diego just turned 1 year old, or young, it’s your choice, anyways, what I’m trying to say here is that we’ve had a successful first year in the industry. But it has been much more than just that.SfSD-first-Anniversary-Ribbon-Cutting17

We’ve had a series of events that have been both adverse and prosperous. And most of those adverse moments in the past year have helped us grow as a company and as a team, and "messing up" is how we have learned. You learn a lot by doing the same job several times. You - the customer - does not see this, we only delivered the last "perfect" sign (the others are buried in the back yard. We have messed up, we have reprinted, we have re-designed, we have misplaced stuff, we have argued, we have gotten behind, countless of times! 

But we also have learned, we have learned so much and it is all for all of you, the customers.  We are happy to serve all the customers that have gotten in touch with us asking us for designs, business cards, banners, posters, and uh, oh yeah signs! It’s been really fun for us to design, produce and install all of those coro signs, monument signs, building signs, lobby signs, and a bunch of other SfSD-first-Anniversary-Ribbon-Cutting1signs you may have gotten from us.

It’s the part we like the most about all this. We have fun doing it because we like it. There’s always something different in the industry, there’s always something to talk about and to have a laugh about, and a couple of arguments every now and then. But its usually the fun part we like about it.  To get what’s either in your head, or on a piece of paper, to a nice design and eventually into a sign makes it a really fun process. More about us

And yeah I know you might have heard this countless of times as well, but seriously! We couldn’t have made it without you guys. So we want to say thank you and we truly feel honored that you have picked us to make your sign. You have been a vital part of our growth and for that we are very grateful, seriously! We look ahead to many years of serving you and we promise to be a better company. In behalf of everyone at Signs for San Diego, thank you!SfSD-first-Anniversary-Ribbon-Cutting

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