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Really Big Banner, Cal State University, San Marcos

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Have your ever wondered how big banners get up there? How they stay up there?

Here is an example:

CSUSM. Every year we place a 13 X 48 foot banner on the side of a huge “AV” Trailer. The TV Monitor comes outCSUSM-2015.jpg the top and the University Graduation is broadcasted from that trailer. Then the banner comes off, the trailer goes to Indy races, rock concerts, or whatever. That banner is a money saver. Before the banner, the trailer was wrapped, at great expense, for about 4 days and then stripped. Now the banner is pulled out, reused and then put away for another year. The cost is about a third of the wrap, and the savings occur every year.

We use a wood frame and never actually touch the trailer – no holes, no tape, nothing to clean or worry about. A wooden frame goes up, it is used and comes down.

Over the years there have been fires, rain, wind, and cold. We have gotten to the point that it really does not matter. We get it up, it stays up and looks good and we get it down, fast and easy.

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Frank Murch


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