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Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 9, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Many businesses have signs that communicate the wrong message. Every sign tells the public about you. Old and tired signs communicate a message that depresses your business. We can help. A new sign is a chance to freshen the message and tell customers you will take care of them. Need to move your business image to a better place? We can help.


In most cases older signs are best replaced. There is a tendence to want to salvage or redo an old sign. This is a possibility, but be careful. In most cases the labor involved in restoring a sign includes a disassembly, a cleaning, a restoration and a reinstall. There are normally replacement parts or letters required. Matching these can be difficult. A bad match is not uncommon. If you price this out against a new sign, often the new sign is the cheaper and better option.

Opportunity to change the message - The types of services and products a business sells is often very different than the assumptions of that business plan written many years ago. If your real business is different from your sign, now is the time to give the sign a new direction. In many cases generalist businesses become speciality companies. That narrowing of the range is very important. Doing the same things over and over often makes a business better and more efficient than the competition. When your sign fails, this is the opportunity to sharpen the message.

Taking the old sign down – The sign is one thing, but the building itself often wears over time. If you need a good cleaning, repairs or a new coat of paint, schedule this at the same time. A new coat of paint under a new sign increases the impact. A sign is a business tool. Get the most effective business tools you can and use these tools to generate better income and a better business.

Does your business need a sign? Contact us and lets get going!! We can be reached at 760-730-5118,

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