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Retractable banner stands are Great

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 6, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Use them everywhere : for Trade shows, Table top events, show and tell, in your lobby, conferences and so many other placed. They come with a case, and fit in trunks, airline overheads, luggage you name it. If you want a big graphic that is light, easy to put up and portable this is it. Companies in Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and San Marcos all use these and with good reason. They are a very smart display

retractable bannerWhat is a retractable banner stand?

Many companies and older homes use roll up window shades. You also might remember the old style projector screens. Retractable banner stands turn these spring loaded rolls upside down. The roll is in the base and pulls out. The graphic is on the pull out. It stays in place with a pole. The pole is not unlike a camping tent pole and holds a catch at the top of the banner. When retracted – it is small and compact, when deployed it is large and grand. This results in a light weight base from 15 inches to a huge 60 inch range. The height can be from 1 couple of feet to over 80 inches

5 Retractable Banner uses

1. This is a standard Trade Show tool. They excel at that use. Two 3 foot retractable banner stands and a table throw and you have an impressive tabletop display that fits in an airplane overhead.Web-retractable-banner-base-cutaway-1

2. Wayfinding – Ever run a conference in a hotel?  Often your audience can not find the meeting room. Retractable banners are great “directionals”.  They are quick and easy – set and forget visual queues to your attendees that the event is “this way”. No taping on walls, not hotel management issues, not trace after you are done. It takes a couple of minutes and you look great without the effort to use hotel resources.

3. Table Top display? – In most cases table top shows are where you rent a table and that is your spot. A table throw and a retractable banner is very likely to give you that attractive look you need. Instant display and it allows you to work at sales and sign ups rather than booth prep. Simple, fast and professional.

4. Retail display tools?  Have a sale? What to highlight something in the lobby or lunch room or conference room. Retractable banners allow this to happen at “the drop of a hat”. Fast, professional and flexible. Have one for a clearance sale, another for Holliday sales, and a third for “Specials”. Attract attention to the point you need it, when you need it

5. Lobby – You spend big bucks on trade shows. Why not store them in your lobby? Using these every day. Let your customers learn about your products in the lobby the same way they learn in a trade show. It dresses up a lobby and provides a way to get the most out of the displays.

Retractable banner stands are stand out performers. Ask us about getting big results on budget type money. Contact us today

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