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Halo of light seen Chabad at La Costa! Halo Channel Letter Carlsbad CA

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 1, 2015 4:55:07 AM

Chabad is the world's most recognized Jewish Orthodox Chasidic movements. It is well know for outreach. Beside being very recognizable, it is the largest Jewish religious organization in the world having over 3000 locations in 65 countries. The Chabad story is very interesting and comes out of oppression in Russia.reversed channel letters

Chabad at La Costa built a new synagogue on a small lot on La Costa Avenue. 65 families represent the core of the group. Many walk to this synagogue.  The synagogue itself is gorgeous having 2 dooms, a huge open breezeway and views of the lagoon. It is a very functional layout and is built for services and community involvement. It was also practically unknowns to the La Costa community it resides in. It was hidden in plain sight. Few people other than the members knew what the site actually was. Chabad wanted to change that.

La Costa has a signature style. One can see this in the La Costa Country Club, the North mall at La Costa, and South La Costa Towne Center. They all use a specific letter style or font. They use a reverse channel letter Carlsbad CA does not see many of these because it is a higher level of sign construction than the norm. They use a serif font, that has impact, but is more difficult to build. Halo Lit Channel Letter Carlsbad CA

What is a Halo Channel Letter, (Halo Lit Channel Letter)? This has another names or two: Reversed Channel Letter, or back lit channel letter. These are all the same thing. The face is solid Aluminum plate, The sides are Aluminum and the backs are open. The LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) mount on a clear piece of acrylic shapes as a letter with standoffs about an inch away from the stucco wall. Each has “L” brackets matching the letter opening. The letter is mounted on these brackets, LEDs inside and reflecting off the inside of the letter to the wall behind the letter. The 1 inch “stand off” controls the “Halo” projected around each letter.

In the calligraphy a serif is the part of the letter that represents the start, end and redirection of the brush stroke. As the brush hits the page and it leaves the page, small narrow elements are attached to the letter, this adds distinction and style to the letter. These are narrow curved and pointed parts of the letter. Light always travels in a straight line and that makes it hard to light up serifs. This Chabad halo lit channel letter set was built by hand to carefully work each serif for the correct light path. Nearly all channel letters are front faced and san serif. That is the lighted part is the front or face and the san (meaning “no” or “without”) serifs. In other words nearly all channel letters are BLOCK type letters.

 halo Channel Letter Carlsbad CA

At Signs for San Diego we are excited about this project. It is a very special project for us. The construction of the letters is special, the installation is tricky because the wires all were “snaked” inside walls. The standoffs are particular and the location was also a challenge. We got all of these “right”. However the most special part was the honor to do this job for such an important group. To have Chabad trust us with branding their identity was a privilege and we truly appreciate the faith they put in us.


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