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Rosati’s Pizza Channel Letters – What’s under the skirt?

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 25, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Rosati’s Pizza in Vista is opening soon. The building has access from several sides. The ideal situation was putting custom building signs on each of the 5 sides of the building. He presented this idea to the City and they agreed. It is in a unique lot and consequently has unique needs.Dimensional_Rosaris_carryout_2.jpg

Day Night Front Entrance: We used a 'Day Night' face on the front entrance. This looks a little like a mosquito screen where half the area is black and the other half has holes in it. At night the light comes through the holes and looks white. During the day the black is all that is seen. A neat look that marks the entrance


Skirts: On two sides there is a set of custom channel letters,Channel_Letters_Rosati_Shirt.jpg

a logo box, some custom dimensional letters, and a skirt. What is a skirt? It is
the acrylic behind the sign. Skirts are used for a number of reasons: the wall and the sign are not contrasting colors; the skirt has a shape that is important; and the skirt is used for emphasis. Here, it is designed to be part of the logo. 

From the back, the point of view is from the street. These are traditional channel letters and are big and bold. They are intended to mark the location. The time a car has to view this is limited, so big and bold rule the day.


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