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Royalie and a Push Through LED Building Sign

Posted by Frank Murch | Dec 18, 2014 6:01:00 AM

What is you could have bought from Coco Chanel before she created one of the most coveted and respected labels in the world. Or Vera Wang, or Giorgio Armani or Alison Choi?Royalie

Well maybe, just maybe you can. Alison Choi is a local entrepreneur and boutique owner. She is in Oceanside (Royalie, 1935 S Coast Hwy) and you can walk right in and talk with her. Alison has known she wanted to be in the fashion industry from age 7. She attended Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA and has been busy ever sense. Alison is on the fast track to joining the ranks of fashion providers everybody knows. She just did it again, she created “Royalie”.

ROYALIE is a contemporary clothing retailer for women that are young at heart. The focus is on clothing that communicated a lifestyle and attitude of the free sprit. The collection is from over seas and local sources, but carefully culled to provide the right blend of fashion and value. Several of the designers are local. One such designer is Flor de Olas for swimwear in Oceanside. Alison is also on the way to the next big step – designing her own clothing line. It would not be a surprise to see Asian and specifically Korean influences in this upcoming line.

ROYALIE is a place to escape the big box retailers and find something different, interesting and affordable. It is the kind of place an entrepreneur and young designer creates to express their ideas. It is the ideal place to buy for the holidays.  So where does the name ROYALIE come from? It is a hybrid of two concepts. The astrology sign- Leo a Royal animal and a nickname -Alie. Wala Royalie

We were delighted to be able to create a building sign for this shop. This an acrylic push through sign with LED back lighting. It is made to fit the space on the building. It is Alison Choi’s design, and communicates that uniqueness. The shop opened on September 15, 2014. And the sign may well be the first thing a customer sees to help them find Royalie.

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