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Friday YouTube Video: Sage Custom Lobby Signs Carlsbad CA

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 19, 2015 9:29:00 AM

It is Friday. This week lets see a Lobby Sign install. Lobby Signs are rarely worn out or damaged. Customers buy lobby signs when they move into a new building, are expanding, rebranding or have some other major change in the company.  If you are buying a Custom Lobby Sign Oceanside CA businesses normally have the owner or somebody close to the owner involved. Tis is true for Vista, San Macros and all of North County. The Custom Lobby Sign is the center of the room, the first thing seen when a customer enters the building and sets the tone,Custom Lobby Sign Video

The customer’s first impression.

When customers walk through your front door, they are looking for a way to know they are in the right place. The first job is as a “directional”. The Custom Lobby Sign identifies the door and room as the entrance to the company. The company name on the lobby sign behind the reception desk tells the customer they am in the right place.



The lobby sign sets the tone. It tells victors a lot about the company. Or at least what the company wants to be. First impressions are lasting impressions. A quality, clean design conveys that the company is also quality, clean, and desirable. It creates an impression that sets the tone. If the tone is “old and established” or “trust worthy and reliable” or “slick and modern” or “technical and complex” or “financially stable” these themes can be established and reinforced with the right chooses of materials, design, location and size.

Custom Lobby Sign 


Plastics and metals are better at saying “hi tech and modern than woods. Wood on the oath hand often tells the customer the company is financially stable, built to last and conservative. You can see how a law firm may be looking for one look while a biotech company may be looking for an entirely different theme



There are many aspects of design. It is very common to bring the logo out, away from the wall. Designs with clear acrylic backers, dimensional letters, and different layers look much more expensive than 2 dimensional lobby signs, and they are.


What to see an examples - Here is a video about sage.




 Secrets of lobby Signs


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