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Secret Oceanside Bar Reveled with Channel Letters? Win $20

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 4, 2015 6:21:00 AM

Is it named Cheers? Is it “Where everybody knows your name?” 

Such a bar exists and it is in Oceanside. Where locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. Most never go. Most do not know. You have to be in the know to know where to go. True for nearly 3 decades, but true no more.Channel Letters Oceanside CA

Maxdon’s Pub fits you like a glove (and not an OJ glove). It is currently hidden near El Camino Real and the 78. After many many years, the strip mall is being razed and rebuilt in the next couple of years. Maxdon’s Pub is being forced to relocate. As one of the original tenants it has been there sense 1979.

Here are pictures of the channel letter sign we finished up last week. The new location is at El Camino Real and Mission in Oceanside. Look for the sign!! Maxdon’s Pub will reopen August 12. (Hey that is like a week a way!!)




Channel Letters Oceanside CA

Bar room trivia to amaze your friends. This is perfect for a $5 bet. It is also specific to the Maxdon location -  about this new channel Letter sign? Bet $5 on each of these questions and you will win $20 and the admiration of your friend (and need a ride home).

First Question: How many individual independent “signs” are in the MAXDON’S PUB Channel Letter set? Your friends will count 1-M, 2-A, 3-X, 4-D, 5-O, 6-N 7-“ the apostrophe  for the sharp ones) and 8-S plus 3 more for PUB would have a total of 11 signs. One for each letter and one for the apostrophe –wrong!

Answer: The A and X are joined, so are the P and the U. These were physically so close in the design – we treated them like Siamese twins. So the answer is 9!


Channel Letters Oceanside CA

Second Question: The “fox” across the room is wearing a skirt, several other ladies may be as well. Other than the women, are there any non-human skirts being worn at Maxdon’s?

Answer: After your pigeon/s have scanned the room and puzzled for a while – they will tell you No. You tell them YES, Each letter on the Maxdon Channel Letter Sign wears black Acrylic mini skirt to highlight their shapely form.

Bonus Answer: The Waba Grill sign, next door, also wears little black acrylic miniskirts too










Channel Letters Oceanside CA

Third Question: You are $10 up and here is $15. What is the color of Maxton’s Pub Channel Letter sign? This is tricky, even if they go outside and look, they still may miss this one. They  saw it when coming in – what is the color? 

Answer: They will answer red, or burgundy, or maybe orange – all OK answers, but here is a trick. The red color in the letters does not go all the way to the edges – It stops exactly 1” from the edge and that 1” is white. Answer – 2 colors red and white!

Forth Question: Why 2 colors on the channel letter sign? Why not 100% red or 100% white? 

Answer: Oh my my. This is tricky too. The darker the color the more it blocks light and the sign is less bright. One never sees a black channel letter sign at night because light does not go through the color black. A red or blue channel letter sign will not light up and “pop” like a white channel letter sign – less light. Leaving a small border of white around the letters give the channel letter sign a punch at night, brightens the sign and the sign pops! You should be $20 up at this point.

Last and 5th Question: If you have consumed your $20 in liquid form, you may want to bet cab fair on this last question. Who did Maxdon call to put up their sign?

Last Answer: Signs for san Diego. We are a licensed electrical sign contractor. We run our own installation crew. We have in-house design. We pull all the correct permits and manage these projects through to completion.

Are you ready to take your hidden gem of a business and tell the world where you are? Give us a call 760-730-5118 or

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