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Snapshot on Banking Signage

Posted by Frank Murch | May 16, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The landscape for finance and banking is always changing, The institution that existed 10 years ago could not survive in today’s marketplace. For example:California Coast Credit Union.jpg

  • Electronic banking, particularly the mobile device portal has replaced the teller in ways the ATM could only dream about.
  • Small Business lending, frozen in the great recession, is coming back, like a flash flood in a desert.
  • FinTech, that is competition from on line lenders who don’t have the same regulatory requirements is an emerging threat

With Competition high, keeping existing customers, and attracting new ones is more important than ever. If your competitor’s customers are not thinking of you every time they have a delay or question with their current institution, they are already lost to you. How do you reach a group of people who need your services, but are not talking to you? Signage!

There are a number of signs you must have if you want to have a change in the summer of 2017:

  • Banners, Banners are great because they are quick and easy. Not to appears too cheesy, we need to take a lessen from the car dealerships. You need a banner to attract attention to whatever is on the prospect’s mind. New car financing, Home Equity Loans, New mobile app and one for every holiday. Banners get noticed by future customers.
  • Your branch signs need to be bold, clean and well maintained. Have an old logo, a faded sign, lights are dim or out? You are telling future customers the outside in dungy, and inside is the same. A small investment in maintenance or a big one in new signage is a great investment. A silent salesman, working 24 X 7, without the workers comp payments!
  • Car wraps. If your fleet is not wrapped, you are missing a huge opportunity. A car wrap makes it look like you are everywhere. Retail banking, B to B or financial services, not having a vehicle graphic is a huge mistake. This is only for bug exterminators and plumbers, think again – the President of the US has a seal on his limo. And you…don’t??

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