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Stand offs Are a Great Way to Display Lobby Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Sign stand offs are custom solutions that provide designers and owners with a way to add depth. This increases the look and feel of an expensive and rich sign

Move your Lobby Sign - Using Stand Offs can be a very smart way to be visually appealing and mobile. If you are planning on moving, buying your own building or leasing more space, a lobby sign on stand offs is portable. Unlike a directly attach, the stand offs are easy to take apart and ship, reinstall and enjoy a second life for your Lobby Standoff.pngSign.

Unique Shapes, Styles - Stand offs are available in unique shapes, styles and sizes. However you can cut though the thousands of options in several ways:

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel. Aluminum is the cheaper alternative about 90% of what we sell. Stainless is a slightly different look, but much harder, and stronger. The average application should not use Stainless, but where the weight of the sign is an issue Stainless makes sense. Also, if you want the best – stainless Steel

Brushed or polished – Polished can have a mirror like finish. Brushed is most subtle and shows less. Most companies want the lowest maintenance and do with brushed.

Office Signage & Door Labels? Match the lobby Sign Stand Offs to Office ID Signs, Restroom Signs and lobby-sign-gibbs-side-1.jpgchangeable sign for visiting guest names signs.

Mother – Daughter Signs. Want to mount a small sign on a bigger one? Stand Offs can do that for a layered look. Add produces at the bottom, add the name of a division or location – we do this with daughter boards and stand offs.


All great companies have Lobby signs. Many retail and service companies use them as well. If you have a great company or are just starting to build one, a Lobby sign is a great place to start


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