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Super Green Solutions uses cut vinyl on their windows

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 19, 2015 10:00:00 AM

If your looking for a hot area to shop for Christmas gifts, skip the mall and look at Super Green Solutions. What is Super Green Solutions? It is a store at 4095 Oceanside Blvd Suite A Oceanside CA 92056. It is special, it focuses on everything green.Supergreenwindow Cut Vinyl


Sure they have solar, but there is a lot more to this place than just solar. Mark Sudak (Owner) the owner of at, takes a “holistic” view of green products and energy savings. Besides being a premier residential solar provider they have point of use water heaters, machines that pull water out of the air, LED lighting solutions, wind power solutions, and charges for your electric car plus a ton of other solutions.

 Cut Vinyl and car wrap

Each of these products is really cool on its own, but they work together too! Mark is a consultant and because he offers it all, he can tell you about each product and how they work together. You can produce your own electricity from your panels on the roof, but you can also control the efficiency with LED lighting,


Do you know what to buy? Do you know if the payback for a solar water heater is faster than a solar panel to produce electricity? Can you tell the difference between the light from a fluorescent bulb and an LED or the cost of running each? Mark is a wealth of information about these and other products.


signs needed

They have a philosophy: “reduce before we produce”. Super Green Solutions lets you reduce your CO2 Emissions and your carbon footprint. At the same time your energy bills go down. As SDG&E rates increase, these solutions make more and better sense than ever before. Mark focuses on achieving energy efficient solutions to benefit you.


Competitive Pricing : Super Green Solutions is the only local source of many of the innovative products you would be proud to give or receive. They are a part of a buying network that provides these products coast to coast. You get individual attention and better prices. It is the best of both worlds.

cut vinylSuper Green Solutions had a piece of Acrylic with LED written on it. It sat in the window and Mark noticed people were coming in because they saw this little “ad hock” sign. Mark reasoned (correctly) that  if he just told people what he had, it would bring people in.  If you see what Mark has, you will want it – but Mark needed to tell people what was inside. Signs for San Diego was happy to apply cut vinyl on glass to 6 windows. LED, Solar, Atmospheric Water, Sky Lights and Off Grid went up and the hot products are now visible from Oceanside Boulevard.


Signs for San Diego also helped overcome a design weakness in Marks car wrap. The descriptions of the products were so small, they could not be read.  We increased the size and put these on the windows. 


Signs for San Diego is delighted to have clients like Super Green Solutions.  Super Green Solutions is not only the surprising and truly appreciated Christmas gift store, it is also a little easier to find with Mark’s new signage. Can we help you? Let us know

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