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The Donald’s 6 powerful apprentice secrets for Channel Letters

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 20, 2015 8:46:00 AM

If you were an apprentice for Donald Trump, and had to buy channel letters you need these 6 secrets. Signs-onYou could get fired for not knowing these. Becoming very very rich requires getting the most out of your

channel letter investment. Don’t get fired!!! Here are 6 things you control:

  1. Return color: The sides are called “returns”. This is a showroom demo. Returns shown here are white and black. There are many other colors available, but black and white are common. Hint: Not available - blow dry, comb over with cotton candy hair – Not available.
  1. The trim cap color:  Trim cap is the border between the “returns” (sides) and the “face” (front). This is just like a wall between the United States of LEDS and the immigrate masses that want in. Trim cap comes in a lot of colors. Black, white, gold, and silver are common. Make these the same color as the sides or the face to conceal them or a contrasting color to give a “pop” making your sign stand out. Hint: Get the other guy to pay for your Trim Cap.Signs-return_and_trim_cap
  1. Day, Night faces: Trump was marriage 3 times. Trump changed colors and you can too. Only you can change colors twice on the same letter!! This is a special situation. Blackin the day and white at night. This is done with a perforated vinyl called “pref”. It shows black without Backlight and white backlit. I call this the Marla Maples, Ivana Trump option.Signs-day-night
  1. Two color faces: Dark colors block light. A dark blue or green may block out 50% of the light. White will let out almost all light. If you want a dark color, but also want it bright and bold - leave a white area space around the color. The white from the acrylic enhances the color and brightens up that dark color. The colors that were not mentioned are all clowns. They are overrated, stupid losers, rapists from other countries and some, I assume, are good colors!photo_1-1
  1. Acrylic vs. Vinyl: If Donald had know this before the bankruptcies, things might have been different. All the faces are Acrylic, but most use a transparent vinyl applied on the top.  There are a huge color range available in vinyl, but much more limited in acrylic. If your acrylic color is available, there are some advantages to acrylic. It does not fade, crack or peal over time and it conveys light better. Colored acrylics, like red are great options. The Atlantic Trump sign started to fad and look what happened!!!  If he had only known about colored acrylic.
  2. LED color. 80% of LEDs used in channel letters are white. 19% are Red. If Trump were buying LEDs he would buy White and red. These are the best assetts in the world. Nobody, nobody has better colors than white and red LEDs. On red faces red LEDs make the letter more intense. The range of colors in LEDs is still rather limited, but improving. Signs-I-Open

Other choices?  There are about 16 other choices. Most are nice, but they are jerks, stupid and over rated. Here I have given you 6 options you probably did not know about. There are many other chooses. Don’t go to Iran for your Channel letters. If you negotiate the Trump way you will come to Signs for San Diego. You can see many of these in the Signs for San Diego shop.  

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