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Tis the season for Halo Channel Letters! What?

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 5, 2016 8:59:00 AM

What are Halo Channel Letters?

Also known as Reverse lit channel letters (sometimes called Backlit Channel letters), these are letters that light from the back. That is the face is solid with no light. Inside is lit with LEDs and floods the wall with light. This outlines each letter with light. Many people think halo channel letters give a very classy look. Because of this many companies looking for a prestigious image prefer these.halo-lit.jpg

Here are a few things specific to this type of letter:

Readability is slightly less than a front faces letter. Just like a white letter on a black background is less readable than a black letter of a white background, a Halo channel letter is not as easy to read as a front illuminated faced channel letter.

The distance each letter mounts from the wall controls the amount of backlighting you get. A small distance gives you a small halo, while a larger one lights the letters with more light. One inch “ is about right for most placements.

These is always a clear acrylic back. This prevents birds and other animals from using the letters as there all night party spot.

LED illumination is really the only light source used today, but some of the older installations may be Neon.

Colors, most back lit LEDs are white, but blue and red are possible as well.Reverse-channel-letter2.jpg

The faces can be painted or brushed Aluminum or polished Aluminum. It some cases a translucent face (making a front and back lit letter) can be used.  

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