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Tri-City's Sign Gone with the Wind

Posted by Juliane Snowden | Jul 24, 2017 11:58:23 AM

TriCity Monument 2 lowrez.jpgThe weather is often the culprit in causing breaking points to things that are left outside, signs in particular. In this case, Tri-City Medical Center’s sign was the one to have reached its breaking point, thus toppling over during a storm.

Luckily, Signs for San Diego stepped in to save the day. They replaced the old, withered steel pole in which the sign fell from, with a new one. This will give the new sign at least another 20 years of life. They then stripped and repainted new faces. These were made to replace the old, faded, and cracked ones, which help make the sign look brand new. The body of the sign was also repainted. In addition, they also replaced the fluorescent lights with LEDs which make the sign brighter. And brighter is better. It’s also cheaper and requires less maintenance than the fluorescent lights.

So now, Tri-City Medical Center has a new and improved sign that’s ready to take on any sort of weather! Are you thinking about replacing an old or damaged sign? Give us a call!

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