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Understanding Monument Sign Panels

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 11, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Monument signs are at nearly every shopping mall entrance. Drivers view these every day, every commute, and stare at the sign when stopped for traffic lights. Replacing a monument sign face increases traffic in to your business. Get a booth of traffic by replacing your old faces with new faces. Monument signs faces are advertising, and a “way finding” tool. That is these signs direct new and old customers to your business. Monument signs are great advertising tools, but make sure you are sending the right message. Old, faded, dirty sign faces communicates your business is old, faded and dirty. Ne new sign face communicates a sharp and fresh imageMonument-PhilzCoffee-3

You get a caffeine boost from a coffee shop, Philz coffee gets an image boost for new monument faces. Is your monument sign in need of a change out?


Custom replacement sign faces, simply slide on mount in where your outdated sign face once was. New replacement sign face boost traffic. Put a custom replacement sign face to work today and see the increase in exposure and business.

Replacement Sign Face Options

Acrylic Sign Faces: Many Monuments use these, they come in widths up to 10 feet. We take the old one away and make a new blank, then add translucent vinyl with your logo, name and design!

Lexan Sign Faces are used in the same way Acrylic is, but Lexan is much more durable. It is used for larger areas. It is also the "anti vandalism" solution. Lexan is often user in bullet proof glass applications.

Pan sign faces.  These are aluminum. These are pans and look like a shoe box lid. The "flat" is cut in the shape with your logo, name and design. White or colored acrylic in mounted behind and light only comes through these lenses.Monument-PhilzCoffee-1

Push through Pan sign faces.  These are Pan Face Signs, but the acrylic is cute in the same way the pan is and pushed through the holes. This allows the light to go throw and to the sides. This is the best, and most expensive normal monument face. These are often seen in higher quality retail locations

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