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University of California, Riverside

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 11, 2020 10:00:57 AM

Signs for San Diego just completed this project.

UCR’s College of Humanities, newest art addition is an interactive sculpture created by San Diego-based artist Roy McMakin. The message of “Things Change” or “Change Things” will be featured on steel signs mounted on steel poles, and will be scattered around a seating area. This project will make the space between the INTN and Arts buildings an interactive, thoughtful space for students.

Officially titled “Arts Mall: Roy McMakin Art Installation,” covers roughly 5,000 square feet. The sculpture is designed to encourage students and visitors to reflect on their day and the world around them, and serves as a marker or entry point for the campus. 

UCR's Article

Things Change. Signs for San Diego helped realize the artist, Roy McMakin's, goals in a large, multi-disciplined effort.
xUCR-Final-Assembly 4
Signs for San Diego constructed a windmill. Can your sign company make a windmill? We can and also more.
XUCR-Final-Assembly 7
Exposing the design and construction was important to the artist. This made an intriguing modern art display.
YUCR - panel Stacks
On a cold and windy night, the installation started. Signs for San Diego's 30 foot trailer was part of the success. Equipment, skilled staff, a great vision, and the will and dedication to make it happen is required for these types of projects.
YUCR Windmill base
Signs for San Diego does not buy and resell; we fabricate. This means we can do special and unique projects. It also means you are not dependent on a complex supply chain and communication process. Cleaner. Better. Simpler.
YUCR- panel change
Signs for San Diego has great painting abilities. We use the industry's best materials for long term durability and color versatility.
YUCR- panel stacked primed
Understanding paint means the correct base layers, such as primers, for adhesion to aluminum are used.
YUCR- top caps
Unique parts such as pole caps create a situation that allows for the special to be realized.
YUCR- windmill construction A
Signs for San Diego shows the buildup of the windmill. In-house fabrication frees YOU to create what you want.
YUCR-poles primed 3
Signs for San Diego works with Professional Engineers to make safe and unique parts - in this case, poles - for that special look.
yUCR-poles primed
Signs for San Diego welds steep and aluminum in house.
YUCR-poles welding
This shows structural steel welding. Signs for San Diego has a LA Fabricators license to guarantee acceptance with the most demanding public works projects.
YUCR-WindMillConstruction 5
Signs for San Diego is big enough for your biggest jobs, but small enough that the fabricator, painter, and project manager work together. The result is we are realizing your dream more accurately.
YURC-panel install
Signs for San Diego has a hundred ways to install. Our professional installers can "make it happen". We can make your project work in the best, most efficient way.


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