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Use Decals, Stickers and Labels for your product or service

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 3, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Product Stickers. Mark your product and customers will return, others will follow.

Ever wonder why every product you buy has a brand name mark? All large companies do it and for good reason. People buy what they know. If they purchased in the past, they will likely purchase the same thing in the future. If you are not marking your products, you are missing that follow on sale! Labels promote repeat sales

Put a Label on your product. You make not have thought about it. If you preform a service like electrical work – put a service sticker on the electrical panel, sell a mortgage service – put a decal on the bottom on the closing documents. If you have a physical product – mark it with a decal!

Repeat Sales are easier Customers don’t keep notes or an index. They look at the item they want to buy and get their information that way. The power panel needs to be checked when there is an electrical issue, the exterminator, the plumber, the sports coach, the tax preparer, nearly any other service or product can benefit from this strategy.

How can you do this? It is easy. Call us and we will show you!. The first step is to think about what a repeat customer needs to know. Normally a logo and a phone number will do it. Often a web site or a “prompter” helps. You could write something as simple as “for service call…” or “for more information call….” Once you have a simple, sweat and short logo and message – we can make labels that are effective

Label-PlasticNavyDecals, Stickers and Labels. We design your mark with a software program called Adobe Illustrator. This program allows you to use any color, any shape and any size.

Printer We use a latex CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key – black) printer that is vibrant.  The printer means colors cost no more, fine detail like a photo or a complex drawing – nothing extra. Our print technology gives you a huge advantage. Your labels may well be better than those used on products from national suppliers.

Set-up with a digital printer means there is no hard tooling. This means we can produce small numbers at a reasonable cost. It is faster and cleaner than normal labels. Our minimum charge is $100, for many customers this is the total cost of their stickers. It is not uncommon for a sticker to cost $3 for a limited run and as low a $1 for larger runs

Lamination – A laminate is a protective clear plastic layer. It protects against wear, rubs, scraps, fade and against spilled liquids. Laminates are tough. A lot tougher other labels.Label-OceansideDiveKayak

Dye Cut – We use an X Y plotter with a miniature knife.  It can cut curves and shapes. We plan the cut at the design stage.

Want to start getting repeat customers? - this is the answer! It is quick, easy and the answer to short runs. Labels, stickers and decals made this way are much higher quality than most requirements.

If you need prototypes or short runs – contact us. Lets see if we can help!!

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