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Use your Monument Sign Space in Retail Malls

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 2, 2015 9:02:00 AM

If you are depending of traffic in a retail mall location, can you afford not to use the Monument Sign provided? If there is a face that is unused or used by a former tenant, you should ask for it. Putting your name there is cost effective and will make the cash register ring. Here are 5 reasons you should try:Monument Sign Faces

1. Frequency is everything - The number of times each passer by see your sign, the company’s name is directly proportional to the chance they will stop into your store. Advertising effectiveness is based on repeated exposures. A Monument sign uses a customer’s normal commute to achieve just that. Every time the customer passes by, thousands of times, you become the “go to” destination for that product or service. The g gradually name recognition increases your sales over time.

2. Monument signs are landmarks. Streets have names, malls have names, but people remember landmarks. When your monument sign become a landmark, your company is remembered for location as well as your products and services. The ideal is when people give directions based off your Carlsbad Monument Signs or San Marcos Monument Sign.Monument Sign Face

3. Monument Signs pulls in local business from traffic. It is extremely targeted to the people driving by. These people are right there – within a short distance to your front door.  They see this every day. When they need your product or service, the impulse is easily fulfilled. This makes the cash register ring and puts cash in your pocket.

4. It is cost effective to use an existing Monument signs face. Normally advertising is a reoccurring expense and paid monthly. Your Google ads, Yelp or reach local stops delivering leads when you stop paying. But a monument sign face is a one time expense. Once paid, the visitors, the exposure, the signs value to you continues. A Monument Sign Face is your silent salesman, working 24 X 7, 365 days a year, year after year.

5. Monument Signs act as Wayfinding Signs. Many prospective customers give up if they don’t immediately see you? GPS will bring your prospective customer close. A monument sign with an exterior building sign over your door will put them inside. It directs them to parking in front of your door. Not having a Monument sign face wastes your customer’s time, confuses customers and dampens their excitement. It cost you money and removes the impulse buy.


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