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Vehicle Graphics- 8 reasons to do it now. Number 7 will shock you!

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 28, 2015 9:43:00 AM

North County San Diego business owners know that vehicle graphics make the phone ring. Vehicle graphics like door magnets, decals, vanity graphics, stripes, partial wraps and full wraps are business tools. Signs for San Diego has done vehicle graphic packages for vans, trucks, boats, motorcycles, tanks, Humvees, enclosed trailers, food wagons and cars. Along the way, we have learned a few reasons why you absolutely must have vehicle graphics and a number of reasons that will surprise you.vehicle graphics

Number One: Exposure. Without question the number one reason to get vehicle graphics on your ride is it is a cheap form of promotion. It makes the phone ring. On California highways, in parking lots and on all streets the exposure is tremendous. It is also a form of endorsement from your customers to their neighbors. While making impressions of the Del Mar Race crowd on opening day is great, it is very easy to get 10,000 views in a normal day while delivering and servicing your customers.

Number Two: Reinforcement of your message. Every market study will tell you, hit them multiple times. Customers remember you gradually, over many exposures and time. Vehicle graphics do this every time you drive. If delivery is a part of your business and you are not using vehicle graphics, you are making a mistake. Everybody likes to see the VG Doughnut van –my staff demanded doughnuts when we did their van last week.

Number Three: Avoid police stops. If your deliveries are in the back of building,, at odd hours or involve loading and unloading you quickly learn. Unmarked vehicles involved in these duties get stopped, questioned and detained. In can mean a 10 minute delay or a call to you at 3AM.  It also can mean a ticket for illegal parking or an unwanted vehicle inspection. Why wait the time and stress over this – tell the police and private security exactly who you are and what you are doing before they ask. Let them move on to something and somebody else.Police vehicle graphics

Number four: Get waved through the gate and Guardhouse. The same thing for private security walking and driving through the area. If you tell them right upfront who you are and what you are doing, it makes the job faster and life easier. Don’t waste time explaining to people who don’t care. Don’t give them a reason to care, just get vehicle graphics and cruise through.

Number five: Safer drivers. You question the driving habits of your drivers? Do they speed, cutting cars off, parking illegally? Vehicles Graphics keep drivers awake, aware and in control. It is really easy for a mad driver on a highway to call and complain about you truck when the phone number is on the truck. Drivers know this and drive better because of it.

Number six: Stopped Vehicle Theft. Yes stop it cold. Stealing a vehicle involves a number of steps and a risk.  The risk of getting caught is much much higher with a well marked vehicle. While a hot truck with only a license plate number to ID it is at risk, the same truck sporting a huge vehicle graphic on the side is a much bigger risk. Police can see it from a greater distances and the uniqueness is an huge aid to police. VG Donut  vans just do not get stolen, while unmarked vans do.vehicle graphics stop theft

Number Seven: fines for not having vehicle graphics or idenitfication. On Union sites and government funded projects you may be denied entrance or be fined for not having vehicle graphics of some kind

Number eight: Use your vehicle graphics as a bill board. Your local government and property manager would not allow you to have a sign as big and bold on your building as is allows on a vehicle. In other words the biggest sign allowed is vehicle graphics. 

Our designers create all types of vehicle graphics from door magnets, to decals, to cut vinyl letters, partial wraps, full wraps and special graphics like DOT numbers, personal names, race cars, franchise graphics, and police cars. We do cars, vans, trucks, semis, Vans, boats, planes, food wagons. We can help you attract customers, make the phone ring, make more money, avoid police, get through security, drive safely and even improve attract beautiful women!! (well, at least most of these) 

At Signs for San Diego offers Van Wraps, Van Graphics and cut vinyl Signs for San Diego has technicians that are friendly, fast and efficient. Need a wrap? We can help. To schedule a free consultation and quote please contact us at 760-730-5118 or

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