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4 Wayfinding Signs or directional signage to directs more traffic

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 13, 2015 10:49:00 AM

Use directional signs to pull people into you. When you help people find their

Directional sign banner in a frame

way into your building, mall, store front or campus you increase traffic, sales and profitability.  Many people quit only a few yards from your front door because they do not want to put the effort into finding you. Make them happier by minimizing the confusion. Tell them exactly where and how come to you. Fewer people give up, more people act spontaneously and a lot more people come to your front door


Vineyard church uses directional signs to increase their attendance. You can do the same thing! Help them find the way with wayfinding signs.

Get more traffic coming to you with these 4 signs:

AFrames – The Aframes Vineyard uses are plastic, by metal and wood are common too. Real-estate open houses use wire A-Frames. Why? A-Frames are used on any surface, sidewalks, lawns, asphalt, any surface. They fit easily in a trunk and set up in seconds. They come down just as quick.A-Frame, Aframes are used as way finding signs


Banners in a frame You may think you need a wall to mount a banner, but not so. There are purpose built frames or just drive a couple of posts in the ground. The result is a large sign that is light weight, lasts a long long time and goes up and down quickly. Need a huge arrow? Want a landmark on a specific day – this is the answer!

Coroplast and a wire H stake – You may not know these terms, but you now these signs. Realtors use them, so do tax preparation companies, election signs, garage sales, and hundreds of other uses. The wire is easy to push into the ground, and the sign is an instant directional sign or wayfinding sign. Quick Easy and your are done!

Feather banners – These are very popular in Oceanside where they just changed their sign rules to allow more of them. The can sit on concrete or drive a stack in the ground – either way, these have a big impact and can be up in a minute and back down the next

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