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We have your Business park Monument Sign Solution

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 9, 2016 6:16:00 AM

At Signs for San Diego we do a lot of Monument Signs. Business Park Monument Signs are a little different than residential or retail versions. These are normally simple signs that need to be completed quickly and cost effectively.Business park Monument Sign

In most cases Business Park Monument Signs perform two functions:

Wayfinding - Business Park Monument Signs are key to customer and vendor directions. This is utilitarian. In other words plain and simple. The construction of industrial park monument signs is basic, straight forward and is normally enhanced with smaller signs for shipping docks, and visitor parking, This means cheaper methods and construction. Such as:

Post and Panel signs. Two posts hold a center panel. Simple and cost effectiveIt is normal to start out with a blank or an old sign face

No Lighting. Retail malls use bold and colorful lighting, Business parks operate in the day and rarely have lighting

Concrete monuments. Often poured when the slab or tilt ups were pour it is literally molding in place

Sets tone - Business Parks are costs necessary for making the product. There reflect the cost of the land, building and improvements. Signage can help demand slightly higher rents. If the signage is a little better than the property it attracts a better tenant. However getting too far ahead of the customer and they will move to production areas that are better values. The tone should be:

Cleaner than the actual tenants, but just a little

Incorporate a name of the are a monument-signs

Have a little style

Hybrid Business Parks. Service companies often locate in office buildings. An alternative is to locate in a many smaller signs support the wayfinding of the monument signbusiness park. These companies are finding what they need at better rates. Often parking, space, access to highways and a corporate “look and feel” can be had cheaper than an office business within a Business park. Finished office space also rents for more, so you can see why the owner like this too. This are often B2B or phone driven or online businesses where customer traffic is light. The signage may be slightly better than the industrial tenant, but because of the lack of customer visit – not much better.

Signs for San Diego can make your Business Park Monument Signor reface, refurbish or clean up what you have. We also can make your directional signs. Tell visitors where to park, deliveries directed to the docks, and employees through the correct doors.

Picking the right type of signs is critical. Have a project where a monument sign is needed? Give us a call 760-730-5118 or

 Contact us for a consultation


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