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What Can Lobby Signs Do For Your North County San Diego Business?

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 24, 2015 2:39:00 PM

What Can Lobby Signs Do For Your North County San Diego Business?


Almost every business in North County has a lobby and entry area. As a business owner in North County San Diego you should take a close look this area. Does it represent your business well? Is it branding your business? Or is it empty and bland – failing to highlight your businesses unique value? If you are not maximizing this area it maybe the time to invest in a lobby signs. Here are five advantages of lobby signs work in business.Coastal_Lobby_Sign2

1. Brand your Business!!

Use of a logo, your business name and consistant fonts gradually create an image in prospect’s and customer’s heads. They identify you as the source of the product. When the time comes to buy, they feel a familuarity and comfort with your recognized business. Repetition and multiple views create this familuarity. Brand your business and become a “fixture in the San Marcos, Carlsbad, Vista and Oceanside area. Branding should carry through all your marketing materials: brochures, letters, website, car wrap, posters, banners and business cards.


2. Build solid. Build a Lobby sign with a feel of permentacy. When a current or future customer walks in, they should feel the stability of the company. Your goal is to appear as solid, reliable and permenat as you can. This may be a reflection of what you already are, or a statement of what you want to be – a long term trusted and reliable supplier.


3. Make the Lobby Sign the center of the room. The center of the dinning room is the dinning table, the center of the office is the desk. In a Lobby or Reception area the Lobby sign should draw the eye and lead the visitor into the tone it sets. In most cases a reception desk and the Lobby sign work together.


4. Choose materials carefully. The look and feel of the Lobby sign represents your business. Spend a little more money and time here and cut back on the furniture or plants or other area. Why? The Lobby sign is likely to last as long as the location or business.  You will replace furniture an average of 2.4 times in the life of a good lobby sign. The room may be painted 4 times, and the carpet changed 3 times before that lobby sign is replaced.  When it is replaced, it is likely to find its way into a president’s office, a meeting room a teleconference room or other 2nd life. Speed a little more and get that better look, that slightly bigger sign – you will find it is money well spent.


5. Understand the impact. Many people struggle with the Lobby Sign design and construction. The reason for this is the goal is not clearly stated. A Lobby sign represents your business. Its sole purpose is to communicate to the customer that this business is safe, professional and worthy of their limited budget. It needs to be simple and direct. Avoid complicating the design with multiple goals, or any attempt to say too much. The most powerful brands communicate on a sublenal level. They are simple, bold, elegant and match the tone of the company. Keep web sites, brouchures and other collateral around to educate and sell.

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