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What is a Monument Sign? The secret decoder ring decoded

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Monument Sign” is not in the dictionary. It is a sign industry term and most people don’t know exactly what it is. Like most industries, the sign industry has its own vocabulary. Sometimes one needs a decoder ring to figure it all out! Here is the industry definition of a Monument Sign.Monument-riverside-post-300x379.jpg



Monument Signs are structures marking the location of a building or several buildings. They are always on the ground. Monument Signs have two purposes: 1) they mark a place, and 2) they inform or advertise what is in that place. Monument Signs can be illuminated or not, and can be built from any lasting durable material. They normally come in 3 types: 1) The illuminated mall monument, 2) the masonry land mark monument, 3) the wood post and panel monument.



Businesses use Monument Signs for a simple reason. Signage is an effective form of wayfinding and advertising. A Monument Sign does both. It helps a business get found and stand out. And standing out from your competition helps businesses market themselves and attract more customers. That is the goal of Monument Signs - to bring in more customers. 


There are different kinds of Monument Signs. The only constant about a Monument Sign is that it is on the atrium_at_wayne.jpgground and not part of the building. The common forms include:


  • 1) The illuminated mall monument - A mall entrance sign. These are nearly always metal. They are normally illuminated and have a number of panels to reflect the shops within. Signs for San Diego builds these signs. We also replace panels, make specific panels, repair, and convert them. Older illuminated Monument Signs are fluorescent lamps that should be converted to LED. The reasons for LED conversion are to cut energy cost, correct maintenance issues, and create a brighter appearance.   Major_Myles_Moylan_1894_A.jpg
  • 2) The masonry land mark monument - Masonry monuments are made from stone, concrete, brick or stucco. They can be used anywhere, but you normally find these in housing projects, apartment buildings, neighborhoods, condo communities, and so on. Some are seen in industrial parks.
  • 3) The wood post and panel monument - These are Monument Signs made from wood, and they're a mainstay of U.S. Military bases. They're also used to a lesser degree to advertise businesses and housing complexes.


Need help creating a Monument Sign? Signs for San Diego helps with all types on monuments. We can handle any electrical, foundation, or other issue. Give us a call and we will create the whole sign or repair, maintain, or update any part of your Monument Sign.



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