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What is Sub-surface Acrylic Lobby Sign Printing?

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 9, 2016 7:01:11 AM

Front Side vs. Back Side Printing

Understanding the different option available is important to getting the best signs for your business. Their are benefits and drawbacks of UV printing on acrylic using the front side (Face) of the acrylic (standard surface) vs. back side printing (sub-surface).

What is AcrylicIDE3.jpg

Acrylic is a form of plastic. In this case it is clear. It is also commonly called Plexiglas (Rohm and Haas trademark). It is a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. It can be cast or extruded. Standoffs let sub-surface printed acrylic Lobby sign off the wall, giving it interest and sophistication.

Standard surface Printing

Standard surface acrylic jets UV ink on the surface or face of the acrylic. These prints have a matte finish. There is a thickness you can feel on the face of the acrylic.

Sub-surface Printing

Sub-surface printing is printing your image or message in reverse on the back of a clear piece of Acrylic. It can be seen through the front. It appears like a framed picture through glass. The image is printed directly on the acrylic.Lobby_Sign_Genentech_2nd_surface_3.jpg Printing on the back of the Acrylic with a reverse image is Sub-surface. You look through the clear acrylic into the ink on the back. This often have complications, white is not normally available in ink so we use a white vinyl to get this color. The ink is often not as radiate as latex ink on vinyl. The range of colors is also limited. Light will go through the colors and create a little glow in the right reflective light. The face of the Acrylic is glossy with a feel of depth. The image is protected by the acrylic itself

  • Use Sub-surface printing to protect the image
  • Use both surfaces for things like ADA signs
  • Great choice for lobby signs

Many great companies have Sub-Surface Printed Lobby signs. Many Museums and galleries use them as well. If you have a great company or are just starting to build one, a Sub-Surface Lobby sign is a great place to start

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