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Would you fail ADA Sign inspection?

Posted by Frank Murch | Dec 10, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Did your ADA sign fail inspection? Many designers view ADA as a building code. It is really a civil rights law. These are two different things. Building inspectors and Planning review and sign off on plans using interpretations of the law and local policies. Buildings, Architects and Designers think the project is compliant because it passes. The reality is there can be ADA issues resulting in a lawsuit. This can start small like the lack of accessible parking, railings are not compliant or signs are wrong.

It happens. and there are a number of reasons. Here are a few examples.Lady_with_magnifying_glass.jpg

Did you use the wrong Braille on your sign?? Not all Braille is the same. The correct Braille is “level 2 Braille” This version has a series of contractions and is shorter than a letter for letter conversion. It happens and could cause you to buy a whole new set of signs.

Is your Braille Federally compliant of California compliant? California standards are generally tighter than the federal. If you purchased your Braille out of state, did you get a California compliant version? Often companies will focus on the more difficult California standards and just exceed the Federal standards.

Are your signs correctly mounted? The heights and spacing is critical and it is possible they are too low, too high, too close or far away. This can be fixed, but it wastes time and could damage your wall, plus you get to see ADA-Stair_Sign.jpgthe inspector again.

Also, you need to know buildings built before ADA became law (1990) are not “grandfathered” in. Back in January 1992 the law required a start to removal of non-complying issues. You may need to show progress and a plan to achieve compliance. Specifically for wheel chair access and signs.

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