Make Accessibility Part Of Your Signage Strategy

Making your business accessible to a wide audience of people is an important part of running a successful business. ADA signage ensures that your business is accessible to a larger audience of people. These signs follow guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and many states now require all signage to be ADA compliant.

To get the best ADA signage for your business, it’s important to work with an experienced signage company that understands the requirements of the American Disability Act and will ensure that your new signs follow all the guidelines and requirements.

Basic ADA Sign Requirements

Backgrounds / Fonts

  • Sans-serif font type
  • Minimum of 1/8” of space between letters
  • Background and letters have a light/dark contrast
  • No glare under light


  • Signs must be installed next to the room’s door
  • Letters must be 48 to 60” off the floor

Braille Features

  • Tactile lettering
  • Lowercase letters, except for proper nouns
  • Rounded letters


Get Custom ADA Signs For Your Business

Contact Signs for San Diego today! We can help with:

  • Picking the right text size and font
  • Installing signage at the right height
  • Designing / manufacturing / installing permanent signage
  • Keeping with your branding goals while ensuring that your signage ADA compliant
  • Helping to get necessary signage permits.

At Signs for San Diego, we serve businesses in: Southern California, focused on Oceanside, Carlsbad, Poway, San Marcos, Vista, Encinitas, Dana Point, Escondido, Metro San Diego, and southern Orange County.

Keep your company accessible with custom ADA signs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ADA Signs

Q: What’s the best ADA sign?
A: There is no “best” ADA sign, as they’re unique to every building. Each set of ADA signs fits the locations in a specific building. Furthermore, there are many different styles. We can make a style that fits the feel or theme of your building. 

Q: What ADA signs are required?
A: The full answer depends on the building and the inspector, along with the local requirements. However, restroom signs (a matched set for door and wall) are always needed. Exit and entrance signs, fire equipment signs, and max occupancy signs are nearly always required. Evacuation maps and public meeting areas also require signs.

Q: Can ADA signs improve the property?
A: Yes, all types of custom signs can make an otherwise average building look better and more interesting. Good signs can drive up rents and lower vacancies by making building more desirable.

Q: How can I avoid being sued for ADA problems?
A: Someone might visit your building looking for a violation and demand enforcement. The fines are very high for this type of violation. Ensuring that your building has the correct ADA signage before this happens is much cheaper than allowing a lawsuit to occur.

Q: Does the term ADA only refer to signage?
A: No, ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It became law in 1990 and it’s a wide ranging civil rights law that covers a lot more than signs. Its goal is to ensure that accessibility is widely available.

Q: I don't want to spend a lot on signage, but I don’t want cheap signs, either. What can I do?
A: There are a range of materials available that can affect the price of your signs. There is a good chance that given your budget, we can find a design and material that will fit your requirements. 

Q: How long does it take to make ADA signs?
A: Normally, we make signs to meet a deadline. Signs are not created overnight, but two to three weeks is a reasonable timeframe.

Q: Can I get material samples?
A: Yes, we routinely give tours so you can see the equipment we use, meet the craftsmen, and get samples of the materials you’re interested in. This is the advantage of dealing directly with us for your signage needs, as we manufacture our signage in-house.

Q: There are a lot of sign shops, how can I find the best one for my needs?
A: Most sign companies are not manufacturers, they are brokers. The difference is simple: other sign companies will buy ADA signs from another company and sell those signs to you at an increased price. Signs for San Diego is a sign manufacturer, and we sell wholesale and direct. You can find our ADA signs at other shops too, but with a markup. Coming directly to us for your signage needs will save you money.

Q: Can I mail order ADA signs?
A: Yes, Signs for San Diego builds high-quality, custom ADA signs for companies thousands of miles away. Contact us for more information.

Q: Can ADA signs be interesting or unique?
A: Yes, while there are requirements for ADA signs, there is still room to do interesting things. The font, the text sizes, the relative braille location, and contrasting colors are the biggest requirements. You can still customize the materials and design to suit your branding goals.

Q: What materials are normally used in ADA signs?
A: The tactile letters are plastic, the raster balls (bumps) are made from nylon or steel, and the base can be made from anything (although plastic and brushed aluminum are common).

Q: How are ADA signs made?
A: We have a series of specialized equipment used to make the highest quality signage. Come visit our location and see for yourself! Signs for San Diego has a lot invested in skilled staff and equipment to ensure that each sign we make is customized to our clients’ needs and will last.


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ADA sign examples

Here are a number of ADA signs
  • ada wall sign
    ada wall sign
  • Exit Sign in Brushed Aluminum
    Exit Sign in Brushed Aluminum
  • Restroom Door Sign in Brushed Aluminum
    Restroom Door Sign in Brushed Aluminum
  • 2nd surface painted ADA Signs for Building
    2nd surface painted ADA Signs for Building
  • Restroom Men's Sign in Brushed Aluminum
    Restroom Men's Sign in Brushed Aluminum
  • ADA Signs ready for install
    ADA Signs ready for install
  • ADA Mens sign in 2 layers
    ADA Mens sign in 2 layers
  • ADA Signs waiting for install
    ADA Signs waiting for install
  • Raster ball insertion
    Raster ball insertion
  • Unit IDs waiting for Install
    Unit IDs waiting for Install
  • ADA signs ready for install
    ADA signs ready for install
  • Exit rout signs
    Exit rout signs
  • Emergency Instructions ADA
    Emergency Instructions ADA
  • ADA in Brushed Aluminum
    ADA in Brushed Aluminum
  • Roof Access ADA Sign
    Roof Access ADA Sign
  • Special Use Unit ID Sign
    Special Use Unit ID Sign
  • Raster ball Insertion
    Raster ball Insertion
  • Men's restroom door sign
    Men's restroom door sign
  • ADA Braille
    ADA Braille
  • Uni-Sex restroom Sign
    Uni-Sex restroom Sign
  • Electric Room Special ADA Sign
    Electric Room Special ADA Sign
  • Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs ready for install
    Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs ready for install
  • ADA Signs awaiting install
    ADA Signs awaiting install
  • Braille on an ADA signs
    Braille on an ADA signs
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