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Here are a couple of affordable indoor banners These are light weight, inexpensive and look great. They come with a small bag - carry these in with your breif case and carry them back out - Quick, easy, light perfect!

At Signs for San Diego we provide retractable bannerdescribe the image stands for businesses in Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and San Marcos. The normal use for a Retractable Banner Stand is in Trades shows as a booth display, but smart companies do not stop with there…

What are retractable banner stands?

Everybody knows the old style roll up window shades and projector screens. Retractable banner stands turn this concept upside down. The banner is printed on a special pop up vinyl and rolls – retracts – into a base. You can pull it out and you have an instant display. It is held out with a pole. Like a tentpole in sections that are like weight and strong. These can be telescopic, or in sections with a bungee cord type stringer. Easy, fast, simple. The retractable rolling mechanism gives you a great looking and stable base to support the banner. The result is a light weight base from 15 inches to a huge 60 inch range. Retractable banners offer the ability to have a huge display area that rolls up, fits in a small case and can be picked up and put on a plane, the trunk of your car or inside your luggage.


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Retractable Banner Products


Looks good versatiland affordable, This stand is about 16 lbs comes with a travel bag containing the retractable base with end caps and a telescopic pole. Very easy and quick setup

 Single sidedSilverStep Retractable Banner

60 X 92 inches    

48 X 92 inches    

36 X 92 inches    

Single 24 X 92 inches    

Cloth or Vinyl


SilverWing Retractable Banner Stand

Silver Wing


Streamline design, easy to set up. Come with a travel bag, finished in anodized aluminum and heavy duty plastic end plates. Printed Banner is not changable.

33.5 X 92 inches 

Double 33.5 X 80 inches      

Cloth or Vinyl



Catapult Classic

THE CLASSIC is finished is aluminumand is ideal for
high-volume, budget-oriented projects.


 34 X 86  inches in single sided vinyl  




Catapult Executive

Available in Aluminum or Black, comes with a carrying case, multiple widths, adjustable poles

15 X 86  inches   

retractable banner stand24 X 86  inches  

34 X 86  inches   

48 X 86  inches   

in Vinyl