Wayfinding-Monument-parking-resized-556Business Park and Industrial Park Signs 

Signs for San Diego - We design, permit, manufacture and install. We are the source for these types of signs. Many other companies buy from us and resell. By purchasing direct you benefit: better control, better value, faster and better quality.

Monument signs - We purchase the Aluminum tubes and sheets direct. We use computer controller CNC routers to cut the material and weld it into the shape of your choice. We wire and light these and use out advanced paint systems to give you a strong, purpose built sign that will last a lifetime.

Tenant Panels -We design tenant panels for your entire location, from one to several hundred. We can give a business park a uniform and standard look and feel.  Local sign companies can add the tenant names on these or we can do it in mass. Control  inconsistent signage with a tenant panel policy and system. 

Address Numbers - Every building is required to have address numbers. They are not "permit" signs, and as suck, give you the chance to call attention to your buildings with bold and innovative addressing. We can help with these for 3" numbers or 12 feet tall numbers.ada parking signs

Other Signage:

Dock Numbers,

Parking lot regulations,

ADA and Assigned parking spaces,


everything needed for business parks and industrial park signs 


What is the value of Business Park Signage?  The value of Business and Industrial Parks is all about cash flow.  If vacancies are low and lease rates are high, the building is worth more.  Good tenant, monument and address signsalong with a beatification effort (paint and removing worn outdoors, resurfacing parking lots and such) can part a $1/square foot property to $1.20/square foot, adding 20% to the total value.  This is low cost and high impact.

We can make the best recommendations to fit both your budget and your needs. Our experts can raise the value of your business and property. Contact Signs for San Diego to learn 


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