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Want a unique look for your business, the GemLite Channel
Letters may be the best way!!
 Gemlite Channel Letter


Gemlite Channel Letters are low profile, only 2.5 inches vs. the standard 5 inch depth. The channel letter face and returns (sides) are curved into one surface. This is a much softer, cleaner look and makes it more useful for indoor applications.


It is a 2 part letter. The base is a tray with an LED string It screws into the backing. This could be a wall (desk, or other backing). The LEDs are not your run of the mill LEDs. The Output is wide angle.  This is for 12V LEDs only. This type of letter uses the cool running LED technology. Neon, high intensity discharge (HID) Halogen, or other incandescent bulbs produce too much heat and are not usable in these letters.


The Gemlite Channel Letters are limited to 8 colors: A white, Cream, yellow, 2 blues a green and 3 red/oranges. They also are using a matched LED color to match the face. There are 5 LED colors used for these 8 face colors. You can see the LEDs through the faces    


The letters run from 9” tall and go up to 36 inches tall. These are molded, and come in only 6 fonts. The taller letters are not as ridged as traditional metal channel letters. The larger letters need a ridged backer – like a wall, for support. They are not able to stand independently. The Gemlite Channel Letter is a solution for interior walls, reception desks or lobby signs.


Small screws go through the face into the base to secure the letters together. The light does not continue all the way to the edge. They fade out on the edges. This fad is interesting and could be made to look like a part of the wall rather than mounted to it.


These are the ideal for Point of Purchase advertising, inside mall advertising, ATM machine corners, some lobby signs, Ticket Windows and other retail sales advertising.


They can be UL listed (on request) and have a good fire rating.

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