Wayfinding Signs and Directional Signs


Human Directionals

Wayfinding signage is the range of people use to find their way through any building or area. Wayfinding includes the entrance signs, office room signs, signs in Parking lots and waiting rooms, Bathrooms and stairwells. Every building needs these.


Signs for San Diego provides affordable, modular wayfinding signage from several companies. Ranging from wall frames to monument signs we have everything needed for your campus, hotel, convention center, mall or corporate site. This includes wall signs, projecting signs, directories, suspended signs, triangular signs, info centers, towers, pylons, desk signs, and poster frames


Human Directionals and Sign Twirlers

California is full of Human Directionals (AKA Sign Twirler). Why? Because it pulls. The sign is important, but the craziness of it all is too. Dancing directionals get attention.

It is the ultimate in objectifying a person. Human Directional throw signs in the air, dance, mime, prance around. It is also is the ideal job for a crazy teen. While most are minimum wage and you may need several because it is difficult to keep that energy level up, it is interesting

Ear buds, dangerous music, and boundless energy are required.

Lookin’ good takes time and practice.



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Wayfinding Signs and Directional Signs

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