SIGNS FOR SAN DIEGO, offers a broad range of services to support your signage needs.

We can help you get your signs in place with surveys, design and design help to aid your permit application, the actual permit application, make the whole sign or the missing pieces, install and manage the final inspections. We can also help with maintenance ranging from a simple cleaning, to a removal, restoration and reinstall, all electrical service from replacing a build to an LED conversion. We do a lot of face swaps in pylon, monument, and sign cabinets.

SIGNS FOR SAN DIEGO helps small sign companies and national sign companies to “get it done”. We have the crews, the equipment, and the expertise to make you look good.

Our Services

  • Niche Production
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Electrical Sign Maintenance
  • Non-Electrical Maintenance
  • Aerial Installs
  • Ground Installs
  • Obtaining your Permit
  • Writing Sign Criteria and Programs
  • Surveys and Permit Research

Need an experienced and skilled set of eyes on the installation site? Need to know the local sign ordinance and a visit to a city planning office, Signs for San Diego can help

We Can help with ....

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