Have a sign that is "up there"?  Our installation experts routinely work 30 to 60 feet above the ground. We can install your custom signage and maximize your brand's visibility.

Installation. We can reach those 2nd floor locations safely and on short notice. Because we own our installation equipment, it is easy for us to quickly install your sign. Other sign companies rent their equipment, which costs more money and is less effective.

Lighting service. Need to change a bulb or replace a panel, and are wondering how to do that when your sign is 25 feet above the ground? Don't worry about it - just give us a call.

Signs for San Diego installs and maintains all types of signs. Many signs are located on walls and near ground-level, but not all. Whether your sign is placed close to or high above the ground, we can conduct regular maintenance and repair services to ensure your sign is always in good condition.

Signs for San Diego offers full service and repair. We work on lights, sign faces, pole banners, and other repairs. Does your business have a numbered addressed located on the upper edge of the building? Or lighted letters (channel letters) mounted high above the ground? Maybe you have lights mounted on your building or on poles? Or windows with vinyl graphics that overlook a busy road? We can reach those and repair them for you!

We use a bucket truck as an efficient and fast way to reach these places. It is a way to bring expertise to the sign. While repair and maintenance work is often as simple as changing a light, replacing a face, cleaning a sign, reaching the sign is a problem our clients can't face alone. We'll bring our truck to your site and “get it done” with no hassle or worry.

We also have a crane for installs that are even higher. The crane is a large piece of equipment that can lift and install monument signs, or reach pylon signs. 

Do you have a sign that's installed above-ground that needs servicing?  Give Signs for San Diego a call and let's see what we can do!

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Aerial Installs

  • Garland crane
    62 foot crane truck
  • Bucket Truck
    32 foot bucket truck
  • Bucket Truck
    42 foot bucket truck
  • industrial Installs
    Industrial Park Sign Install
  • Banner Installs
    Banner install
  • Sign Cabinets
    Sign Cabinet Work
  • Sign Cabinets
    Replacing faces
  • Lifting in place
    Example of a heavy raceway over glass
  • Lifting in place
    Lifting in place