Business Startup Kit

(Coming Soon, Now Hiring, Grand Opening)

A set of 3 banners designed to get your retail startup going fast. All major retailers know that being noticed before you start is huge. Peak interest, announce your newest location and generate foot traffic!

Coming Soon: Everybody likes something new. Every customer coming into your new home notices the changes. Start that process as soon as possible. The average prospective customer needs to see your name and product between 5 and 9 times before they consciously realize you are there. Accelerate the process with a COMING SOON banner. Custom made with your logo and name. It needs to be on your retail storefront at least 30 days before opening.

Now Hiring: People who are interested in your product also enjoy working with it, know others that want to be involved and they know 2nd and 3rd parties as well. Get those great people who really want to work for you. They are needed, rare and out there looking for you. Put up a HIRING NOW banner about 2 weeks before opening and leave it up there until you have a great staff.

Grand Opening: Your grand opening should be an event. Invite the chamber, the neighbors, the whole community to the launch of your new business. With a little advance notice this is a great way to engage customers and launch a success.


In 4 X 8 get all 3 for a one time offer of $350. This is a screaming good deal


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