We fix burnt out lights, convert old signs to modern lighting, fix damage and restore signs in trouble. 

Is your electrical signage suffering from dim bulbs, faded colors, or peeling?
  • If your sign has fluorescent bulbs, you will need to change them whenever the lights start to dim, have a brown overcast, flicker, or simply burn out.
  • When your fluorescent bulbs burn out, you need a high output replacement. You can’t find high output bulbs at Home Depot. They are only available through wholesale electrical and sign distributors. Thankfully, we keep high output bulbs in stock for our clients.
  • Is your sign not turning on? Electric signs are turned on via timers, sensors, or sometimes both. If you can no longer turn on your sign, give us a call. We'll locate the problem and get your sign back in working condition.
  • Have dim bulbs? Replace them with best and brightest. If you replace one dim bulb, it might burn brighter than your other bulbs. The other bulbs will also likely burn out soon. Save yourself a future service call by replacing them all at once. However, if your sign is located high above the ground, don't take on the risk of changing the bulb yourself. We'll use our bucket truck to lift up to your sign. Occasionally, we also use ladders – we have ladders ranging from 6 to 32 feet high.

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Ours repair and maintenance services include:
  • Fluorescent lamp replacement
  • Sign repair
  • Sign removal
  • Sign installation
  • LED retrofitting
  • Neon repairs
  • Sign cleaning
  • Ballast replacement
  • Replacing transformers
  • Other sign maintenance
Signs for San Diego employs technicians who are friendly, fast, and efficient. If you need electronic sign repair, we can help. To schedule signage maintenance,  or repair services, call us to get started.
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