Sign Installation

Your sign is your mark. It attracts business, and tells customers about you. It is much more than stone, metal, plastic or foam; it is a signature of your business. We offer installation services designed to display your message to maximum benefit. From banners to lighted letters, from a monument to a wall we have the skills and desire to make your sign the best it can be. Tell us about your needs and let’s see how to make it happen.

We work on a lot of vehicles. Many of these are not the $4000 wrap job, they are often a hunderd to a few hunderd dollars. We work to provide the correct installation for each situation.

Aerial Installs

Signs for San Diego installs and maintains all types of signs.  Most of these are on walls and near the ground, but not all.  So what can be done when signs are needed up high?

Signs for San Diego does full service and repair. We work on lights, sign faces, pole banners and other repairs up high. Many buildings have the numbered address on the upper edge on the building.  Many lighted letters (Channel Letters) are mounted high above the ground. Have lights mounted on your building or on poles – We can usually get to these.  Have a great series of windows that overlooks a busy highway or road?  We can reach those and mount vinyl on that glass for a dramatic effect.

We use a bucket truck as an efficient and fast way to reach these places. It is a way to bring expertise to the sign. The work is often as simple as changing a light, replacing a face, cleaning a sign, but getting there is a problem for the customer. We can bring out truck to your site and “get it done”!

The bucket truck is a neat tool.  The truck is a heavy piece of equipment – this weight is important to act as a counter balance to the lift as it reaches out.  It uses a hydraulic rams to lift the arm and lift a bucket. It has a rotating table to move clockwise and counter clockwise.  The boom is really a tube in tube method with a chain to extend the inner boom away from the outer boom.  These 3 ways allow us to move up and down, side to side and extend in and out. We can rotate about 330 degrees, lift from a negative 15 degrees to a straight up 90 degrees and from 15 feet to 30 feet. 

There are other ways to reach up. Ladders are the most common, but they are not effective for poles. Also a ladder is very restrictive at higher locations. It can be “exciting” at 15 or 20 feet and even more above 20 feet.  A scissor lift is very common in industrial buildings. This devices can reach up to ceilings and are great for changing lights, servicing fire suppression systems and work on ceilings, but these are poor on un level ground. They are rarely used outside because it is rare to find concrete pads that are level and even outside. There are skyjacks, these are basically the same sort of lift as a bucket truck, but they are not licensed for the road – They are slow and must be delivered to the site.  The bucket truck is basically the best way to reach these building sign locations.

The bucket truck is the ultimate “ladder”. We can reach up about 30 feet if we can park directly below your sign location. We can install or service your building signs and pole banners. Have a place needing service up high?  Give us a call and lets see what we can do!!!

Ground Installs

Sign Installs
  • Auto graphics install on a van
    Auto graphics install on a van
  • Lobby sign Install
    Lobby sign Install
  • Lobby sign installation
    Lobby sign installation
  • Lobby sign installation
    Lobby sign installation
  • Van sign
    Van sign
  • Snap On Truck Graphics Install
    Snap On Truck Graphics Install
  • Sign Construction to fit your needs
    Sign Construction to fit your needs
  • Installing Vehicle graphics
    Installing Vehicle graphics

Areal Installs

When Installations are high up
  • banners on a pole
    banners on a pole
  • Building Sign on a wall
    Building Sign on a wall
  • detailed work on a street banner
    detailed work on a street banner
  • 25 foot up install with bucket truck
    25 foot up install with bucket truck
  • Bucket Truck
    Bucket Trucks
  • Equipment - TIG E.jpg
    TIG, MIG and Stick(Arc) welding
  • Garland-crane Welder.jpg
    On Truck Welder
  • Monument Sign Foundation 2.jpeg
    Need concrete foundations? We can do it
  • Monument La Costa Towne Center clock 2.jpg
    Electric is a mess - we can rewire
  • Monument Fort-Stockton 5.jpg
    Need faces changed? We can do it
  • Monument - lifted and exposed.jpg
    We do foam monuments, sign cabinets and more
  • Service Burnt Lamp.jpg
    We do electrical signage service
  • Installing-cut-letters.jpg
    We do little jobs too
  • Garland-crane C.jpg
    We have the equipment, a 65 foot crane
  • Channel letter Install Bruce Bucket H.jpg
    Halo Letters
  • Channel Letter 4 points hi wall.jpg
    We install cannel Letters
  • Banner CalState-Banner3.jpg
    We install huge banners

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