Preventing Vandalism

Here are a series of Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Vandalism Steps you can use

  1. Acrylic vs. polycarbonate 
Polycarbonate (also called Lexan or Makrolon) is an acrylic substitute. It is used for bulletproof glass, It can be broken, but it is harder to break.
  2. Laminates. Use brush on, spray on, roll on and sheet laminated that resist paints. In many cases you can clean up Graffiti with chemicals or even water if the surface is prepared with a coating.
  3. Mount Securely. If it can not be pulled off taken down or damaged in place, it is less fun. Hardened brackets, signs mounted a little higher, security hardware all help
  4. Cameras put people on their best behavior. These are cheaper today than ever before. Costco sells them now, plug and play
  5. Bright Lights in critical areas. Criminals do not want to be seen. They pick areas that they can hide. Remove those places 
  6. Fences, Obstacles and barriers in critical areas. Just maintain a distance from vandalism and Graffiti targets, These obstacles are often pretty good looking. They do not need to be tall. They move traffic away and create a visible area that exposes criminals. They don’t like these areas
  7. Strategic Landscaping in certain areas. Open and well trimmed landscaping means there is nowhere to hide, putting a dense bush or other obstacle at the base of the sign makes it an inconvenient target
  8. Vandalism and Graffiti breed. Remove Graffiti and fix vandalism fast. If you care, the impact is lessened. If one “artist” sees the work of another, they tend to copy. Get ride of it fast
  9. Always report it, It is seen as a small crime, but the police tend to cruise areas with more reports. If somebody looks like they are preparing to do something call the police. Police attention is a real “downer” for the graffiti artist.
  10. Use a security company A “Police” like cruiser running around is a big deterrent

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