Sign Service and Repair

So your sign has a problem, what can you do? The fact is it is hard to find a sign company to service signs. There are some companies, but getting a fixed price quote to do that repair is also difficult. There are reasons for this, these are:Sign Repair

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Each sign is a unique piece and there are no standards. Your repair could be as easy as a bulb replacement. It could be something more complex. Also the components could be off the shelf or totally unique. Nobody knows until the sign is opened up.

 Exposed Wiring in channel letter racewayChannel Letter raceway after replacement

Reaching the sign is often not trivial. If a sign is on the side of a building, it could be hard to get to. The repairs may be minor, but may require special equipment (ladders, a bucket truck, electrical tracers, neon tools). Most of these require 2 people to be safely completed. It means you are hiring a crew and equipment to just get up there.TYPES OF ELECTRIC  SIGN MAINTENANCE

 fluorescent bulb replacement for sign cabinets

Sign companies make money on new signs. New signs are much more controllable, profitable and less difficult than sign repair.

Most sign companies LED conversions for channel lettersare not licensed for this work (C-45 contractor’s license) and insurance coverage also needs to be larger in many cases (General Liability, Worker’s Comp and equipment)electrical sign repair

At Signs for San Diego offers local electric sign repair service. We Neon LED Conversionalso offer sign removal. We are bonded, licensed, and insured. All sign repair is done on a time and material basis. Finding a sign company to repair your sign can be a real challenge.

We replace bulbs, power supplier, transformers, repair letters and reface acrylic signs.


replace fluorescent bulbs in lighted cabinet
replace faces in lighted cabinet
replace face in lighted cabinet
replace LEDs in Channel Letters