Signs for San Diego conducts site surveys for our customers and for National Sign Companies. The information from the survey drives permitting, production, and installation issues.

You can help by sending your initial photos and information with as much detail as possible. What is needed? The list is long, but a lot of it is covered below. Help us help you!

Incomplete surveys or surprises generally are not good. There are few surveys that cover everything. Here is what the survey normally covers:

  • The names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of the:
    • Sign and business owners
    • Property owners
    • Property managers
    • Project names
  • Who did the survey, and when / where
  • Project information, such as:
    • The city where permits are needed
    • The ANP number map and section numbers
    • Code analysis, like zoning, and the specific sections that apply
    • Restricted access issues (like shopping mall working hours, lock keys, etc.)
  • For electrical signs
    • Photos of the inside of the walls
    • Drawings of the existing wiring
    • Notes on access
    • Lighting source
    • Electrical location issues
      • For raceways, wire ways, pans and back side access
      • Power panel location, dedicated circuit breaker, and timer
    • If there's a sign program:
      • The rules that apply
      • Maximum square feet allowed
      • Total number of signs allowed
      • Photograph signs from the neighbors and the tenant
    • Pylon signs, monument signs, and sign cabinets
      • How the faces mount
      • Position and order of the tenants
    • Temporary signage rules
    • Walls
      • Construction
      • Thickness
      • Access to the back side
      • Paint color or touch-up paint
      • Wall repair issues
      • If sign removal is needed
    • Window graphics
      • What portion of the windows can be covered
      • Drawing and measurements of the windows
      • If there's solar film on the window
      • Are the windows ready (or if they need removal and cleaning)
    • Storefront specifications and photographs
      • Building measurements
        • Front, sides, back, height
        • Aerial equipment access
          • Parking space blocking, slopes, and landscaping issues
        • Wall construction
          • Stucco
          • Brick
          • Concrete
          • EIFIS and other
        • Photos of the entire storefront: straight-on and close up
          • Sides
          • Other signs on the building
          • Straight-on photos of the entire elevation / survey space, view from the parking lot
Let Signs for San Diego conduct your professional site survey. Contact us to learn more about our services and to book your appointment.

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