Signs For San Diego Referral Reward Program

Many customers refer their friends to Signs for San Diego. We love this because we know our best customers come to us through referral. Thinking about us, but need a little incentive to make that referral? We send gift cards to those we refer to us. What kind of gift card? It depends, often a Starbucks card, but we also will ‘buy’ you a beer or a Home Depot visit.

How It Works

We will send you a Gift Card when:Referral Program

  1. The referral is in your name, and...
  2. We are not working with the organization that is referred, and...
  3. The referral results in the sale of a sign.

There are two ways to participate.

ONE: Fill out this form,  and with “REFERRAL” in the "Tell us more" line we will get to it.

TWO: Send us an email with “REFERRAL” in the "Subject" line

Who are we looking for? We do building signs, ADA, Channel Letters, Monuments. These are in Strip malls, Business Parks, Schools, Churches and other places

Truly Thanks – Appreciated greatly


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