Election and Political Signs

Running for office is a big step, getting elected is bigger, it requires signs......

.......it requires recognition from a large number of people who are not engaged in the issues or the debate. This means they need to associate your name with the office when balloting.

These elements:

1. Candidate’s Name and

2. Office,

need to be displayed as clearly and boldly as possible.

Learn how to make effective election signs

The goal of a political yard sign is to build name recognition.  Name recognition happens through repetition. A candidate faces a lot of competition for this recognition and yard signs are a required component, lots and lots of yard signs. 

Designing political signs with a little bit more

Every sign needs good placement and get attention. Getting a slightly better sign can make a huge difference. Being more effective than your opponent is important, but there is a lot of

“noise” and crowding in elections, standing out from others running for different offices is also important!! 

Using good practices in design helps

Your sign should have fewer bolder word. The candidate's name and office are normally all that is needed. Putting more on a sign reduces the text size and the impact. Short and sweet wins the race. First names and additional information can be "Googled" or picked up in other venues ╨ get the name in front of the voter and link it to the office first.


Text size. Most of these signs are seen from cars. The driver has a few seconds to glace over and remember. The bigger the text, the easier the read. The human eye will read easier text before the hard text ╨ make your sign as easy to read as possible by making the text larger


Put a border on the sign. Borders divide your sign from the others and help it stand out.  Putting a border around the text or even each letter may also help readability and make your name “POP”. 


Buy Locally This is a trick or a trap depending on which side you land. 2 years ago in San Clement this came out during a debate. One candidate bought locally and the other not. ‘If you are not even supporting local businesses what make us think you care about this areas at all?’ It is likely you will be asking this question or answering it.


Size matters and bigger signs allow for bigger letters, and a bolder presence. Also in a sea of 24X18 Coroplast signs, a 36 X 24 may well attract the viewer faster.

Color matters -  Actually the contrast of the colors matter. The better the contrast the more the sign attracts attention. Remember the background as well. Most political signs are surrounded by grass - contrast against green, and the California off white or beige as possible. There are certain colors that may be great for contrast, but are poor for other reasons - Orange and black is one such example -  too much like Halloween, Red and Green has the same issue - Christmas

Materials - it is very likely your signs will be Coroplast, or corrugated plastic. Why? Cost

Mounting -  There is a standard H frame may out of wire that sticks into he ground and the sign. In volume, the pricing makes it very difficult to vary from this sort of mounting

Do Political yard signs work?

Yes, designed correctly, placed well and in sufficient numbers they can be an incredibly-effective tool. The repetition drives name recognition. Many people will vote solely on name recognition. Others will recognize your name and connect other forms of exposure to you. You must reinforce awareness of your campaign and your position as a candidate. Your opponent is doing the same and a well-received advertising effort probably will make the difference. The signs also work for your opponents – like a knife they cut both ways. It is defense and offense.

Do other political signs work?

Yes, other signs will be required. These are used less and in targeted and specific ways, but they will come up, you will end up buying these at the last minute at greater cost unless you plan ahead.

Election Banners - Banners make a big visual impact without spending a fortune.

Election Car Magnets - Political car magnets allow you to use your car and supporters cars are mobile campaign signs.

Election  Stickers  - Stickers can be used for bumpers.

Election  Table Throws - What is a table throw? It is a table cloth that have your name on the face. It turns a rented table into a branded work station.

Election  Podium badge - What is a podium badge? It is a sign that fits on the podium with your name. It allows the audience to see your name long after they forget the introduction. 

Election Signs

Election Signs
  • Classic Political Street Sign
    Classic Political Street Sign
  • Classic Political Street Sign
    Classic Political Street Sign
  • Classic Political Street Sign
    Classic Political Street Sign
  • Classic Political Street Sign
    Classic Political Street Sign
  • Classic Political Street Sign
    Classic Political Street Sign
  • Classic Political Street Sign
    Classic Political Street Sign
  • Podium Political Street Sign
    Podium Political Street Sign
  • Political banner
    Political banner
  • Political street sign
    Political street sign

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