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Channel Letters are a form of Neon signs or LED Signs

    Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters 


What is a ”Channel Letter”? It is a metal box, normally shaped like a letter where a light source, normally LEDs, produced light that is channeled out and makes a lighted shape. 

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There are two general types of channel letters: Standard and reverse channel letters. 

Standard channel letters  These light the front. 

Reverse Channel Letters project light to the back. 

What is the best size for my Channel Letters? Use the largest letters your City will allow

What font should I use? Use block and bold,  channel letters are Helvetica, Times Roman, Avant Garde, or Futura. Fonts with narrow stokes, pointed tips and ends are generally not used

Flush mount – Flush mount is the direct mounting to the building wall.  In this case the wall may or may not be perfectly straight and flat. Each letter will require a series of holes. The placement must be perfect. To do this a pattern is created. The patters is normally paper, and has all the holes marked out. 

Parts on a channel letter

Faces are normally 1/8 to 3/16 thick Acrylic.

Trim Cap  Is a flexible edging that mounts on a channel letter's face. 

Returns   “returns” are the letter walls

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