5 Retail Signs You Need

The science of attraction is a mysterious and tangible human reaction. We may think we know why customers like (or dislike) our products or business, but it can be a mysterious guessing game of “what should I do to be noticed?

Often having the best price, best quality, the best packaging simply doesn’t cut it. Both conscious and unconscious factors make magnetism happen and if done properly, it can cement the decision a customer makes to come and learn more about your business.

Where you are, who you are, your name, and your personal style can attract customers to you or make them flee. If you are a new business, your 'first-glance appeal' should be your arsenal's first asset. Pinpointing exactly what brings a potential customer in is cupid’s game. Your business’s signage can draw people to your entrance or keep driving right on by. Getting noticed is simply a stepping stone to an introduction which, with a little effort, can take you from double-take to full-on marriage proposal. In business, the marriage proposal is garnering a good, longstanding customer and you must start with a favorable and positive outward appearance. So remember: a business with no sign... is a sign of no business.

Illuminated Signs: These are also called channel letters. You could be missing out on thousands of customers who pass by your business. Channel letters outside your building are important to your business's success - after all, your potential customers cannot buy from you if they don’t know that you exist. Illuminated signs will bring customers right to your doorstep. If your competitors have a channel letter set but you don’t, your customers' eyes will be drawn to them first. Proudly announce your business with illuminated signs and channel letters!

Secrets of Channel letters

Monument signs and facesDo you have a lighted cabinet near your business entrance? If you have this type of a signage opportunity – congratulations! As your customers pass by everyday, you can be generating a lasting impression in their minds. 

Monument signs have a huge impact on your business, as their eye-catching appearance attracts attention while enhancing your building’s architecture. Monument signs’ ability to make a strong, professional statement about your business, while raising brand awareness within your community, makes them ideal for shopping centers, medical buildings, office complexes, and government buildings.

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Letters on glass: Advertising your name, business hours, and phone number on your front door and windows is smart. It’s like wearing glossy fire engine-red lipstick – be bold. Window lettering, like beautiful facial features, highlights your message and makes you stand out from the flock of hens. Window lettering, used correctly, can terrify your mousy competitors and draw customers in your door. Bold reds and bright whites are not for the weak of heart. Can you handle it? Glass is the highest visibility area you have, so make use of it.

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Blade Signs - A blade sign, or under canopy sign, utilizes your area wisely when you only have a ceiling or a wall available. This is an ideal option when using limited space and it's crucial to have signage at your entrance. Call it mistletoe for retail. It attracts the willing to your front door where your goods and services have the chance to offer them the proffered kiss. This is 'no-brainer' option for busy malls, restaurants, retail space, hospitals, schools, and anywhere signage space is found in limited supply.

Banners – Coming soon! Grand opening! Now hiring! Sale specials! These messages are all easy to communicate with banners. Major retailers use these, you should too. Banners are inexpensive and can bring in business. 

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What attracts customers may be part art, part science, and a solid pinch of luck, but control what you can by getting your signage basics in place quickly and boldly. 

There is logical science in designing signs. Make a plan and hire a sign expert. Signs for San Diego will take into account your strengths, character, and business situation to create something that will positively get you noticed. We do this with gold-star standards and methods. Give Signs for San Diego a call to get started.

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