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Vehicle Window Pref

Using a rear or side window to advertise your business is a smart idea. Often the glass in a car provides the largest open area available. While the windshield and door glass is generally not legal to use, the rear quarter windows and rear window are available.

What is Window Pref.? Pref is short for perforation. That is a series of small holes in the vinyl.  Vehicles use 50/50 – that is 50% vinyl and 50% holes. There is a 60/40 as well, but it is used for building glass.  50/50 Pref is a great substitute for window tenting and blocks out 50% of the sun. This makes for a cooler interior.

Visibility is still great - you can look out the window, but the viewer can not see it.

The Pref is printed just like a normal vinyl. After printing there is a special laminate that is thinner and porous. A thin laminate with porosity allows the air to escape.  The air is difficult to get out with a normal laminate because the holes trap pockets of air between the laminate and glass. Also normal laminates darken the window and make it harder to see through.

One of the concerns in Pref is the slope of the rear window A steep slip – or rake – makes the driver look through the glass at an angle. That angle and the way the perforation is cut, can compromise visibility.

The graphics – Now that the technical issues are out of the way, lets take about the graphics or the pictures.  Perforated vinyl is a little less capable of a finely detailed graphic.  It suffers from the missing 50%. So bold massage, numbers and drawings are perforated over finely detailed graphics of photos.

Once the message is designed the Pref prints like any other vinyl.  The ink printed in the holes also inks the side of the cut, and the removable release liner. The result is a great image. Compared to 100% vinyl is a little courser and a little darker.

Installation is done from the middle out. The film is applied – too large for the window and trimmed with an extacto knife back to the edges.

The results are striking. The driver and passengers can see out with no issues, but the rest of the world only sees the commercial message. This is a great way to advertise your business

It may be the correct answer for your vehicle and message – give us a call!

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